Are you interested in farming lavender in the cold climate of Montana?
It can be done, I’ve had great successes and trials for over a dozen years, knew next to nothing about it when I started, and subsequently did everything the hard way and backwards.
Thankfully, I am a natural chronicler of the events in my life and have been taking notes and photos throughout the entire experience.
You needn’t re-invent the wheel when it comes to growing lavender on a large scale. I can guide you.
I have answers to questions you haven’t thought to ask.
My book; Lavender Farming Montana Style is due out in October 2014. Until then, lets meet and see if Lavender is in your future.
My fee for a 1.5 hour session is $200.
You can then secure me on retainer at $50 hourly.

morning's harvest

morning’s harvest

If you live over 30 miles from my location in St. Ignatius I charge for gas accordingly.
We can also work out a strategy for you via email.
I look forward to helping you be a successful lavender farmer.
Call me 406-396-1514


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